Updating your account

It is important to keep your account updated. Find out more about updating or changing your account's settings and information here.


Deactivating your account

You can deactivate your account through the 'Settings' tab under your My AllGoods page. To reactivate your account again, you will need to contact us at support@allgoods.kiwi.

Updating or adding a shipping address

You can update, edit or add a new shipping address through the 'Settings' tab in your My AllGoods page. You may have up to seven saved shipping addresses.

Updating your contact information

To update your contact details, simply head to your My AllGoods page. You can update this under the 'Settings' tab.


Changing your password

You can change or update your password through the account security section of your personal account settings. This can be located through your My AllGoods page.





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