Questions about business accounts


What are the benefits of opening a business account?

AllGoods is the easiest way for you to get set up and start selling to New Zealand. With one click, sync your inventory onto our marketplace with more than 25,000 shoppers (and growing). Don’t miss out on the mobile generation, sell through our free and easy app. 

Business accounts can sell through the AllGoods Mall and come with a range of features. We have a plan for every business, check out our plans and subscriptions here


Who can upgrade to a business account?

While business accounts are designed for New Zealand businesses and regular online sellers, they are not restricted to registered businesses. Anyone can upgrade, you'll just need a New Zealand address, a bank account and details about your store. You can get started to upgrade here.


I already sell through another platform, can I integrate?

Yes, we offer a range of different apps and integrations to help you get set up. From Tradevine to Shopify, to custom integrations, get in touch if you would like us to help sync your inventory. We may be able to work with you through our APIs. 


What fees does AllGoods charge for business accounts?

Fees depend on the business plan which you choose. We aim to have an affordable plan suited to every business, from startups to enterprises. Check out more information about our business plans here. Get in touch with us if you have any questions.


Will I be able to upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time in your settings page.


What dimensions should I use for my logo and cover image?

Logo's look best if they are square. The recommended size is 300 x 300 pixels.

The default size for a cover image is 1655 x 400px althrough any image around this size should work well. Click here to find out more about storefront images.


Do I have to offer returns as a store?

You will only be required to do so if your item:

  1.  Is defective;

  2. Doesn’t match the description or photos;

  3. Is different from the item purchased;

  4. Is missing parts;

  5. Arrives damaged;

In such cases, you will be required to pay for return shipping, as well as provide a refund or return.

You can also offer your own return policy, but this is not compulsory. If you decide to offer returns to gain a competitive advantage, you may do so. You will be required to state your policies and requirements clearly. Some of the policies you may add include:

  1. Number of days a buyer has to notify you;

  2. Types of refund, or replacements, you offer;

  3. Specifications as to which party will have to pay for return shipping;

  4. Any fees charged;


How many products can I list?

There is no limit to the number of products a business account user can list regardless of your plan.


Will my product listing run out?

No, once you have listed the product, there is no end date. You can set the amount of stock you have, and if your stock runs out, you can pause your product listing. Alternatively, you can remove the product from your inventory manager if you are not selling it anymore.


How do I customize/set up my storefront?

We have a tutorial which will guide you through the step by step setup of your storefront. View it here.


How I do add a variation to a product?

We have a tutorial which guides you through the step by step process of adding a variation. View it here.


What are the recommended product photo settings?

We recommend that you have the photo format in PNG or JPG. The maximum size your photo can be is 5MB and the recommended dimensions are 2X3 with a 1000 pixel width. We require product photos to have a professional look and preferably to have a white background.


How do AllGoods payments work?

Our payment system is powered by Stripe. AllGoods payments allow your store to accept credit card and debit card payments from your customers. There is a 2.9% +  $0.30 fee charged by Stripe per transaction. You can find out more about AllGoods paymenst here.


How do I withdraw my available funds?

When payments from your incoming orders have been cleared, they can be withdrawn from your “Payments” page in your Store Manager. Click the "Withdraw now" button to withdraw your funds.


How do I refund an order?

To refund an order, find the particular order in your order history. Each order has the option for a refund to be returned to the buyer. You will be able to choose how much you wish to refund. This will be processed automatically by AllGoods payment system and the money will be deducted from your account and returned to the customers bank account usually within 4 working days.


What are storefront posts?

Stores are able to make posts on their storefronts, just like on social media. These can be seen by users that visit your storefront. When a user follows your page, your posts will also show up on their My AllGoods newsfeed and your followeds will receive an email update. This feature is restricted to Basic and Advanced store plans.


How do I edit my store description?

You can edit your store description through your "Store manager settings" page (under General).


What are featured items?

The "Featured Items" page is a customisable page. It’s really up to you, the store manager, to decide what items you would like to feature there.


How do I change my logo and cover image?

If you would like to change your images you can do so from your storefront. Make sure that you are logged in, and then click the 'Edit' button on the logo or cover image to change them.