Shipping for stores

It is up to stores to decide on the shipping methods which they provide. However, free shipping is strongly encouraged and prompt shipping is required by some store types.


Shipping an order

Once an order has been received, it will appear in the Current Orders page within your Store Manager. From here, all the details of the order are viewable, including the shipping address, remaining processing time and the button for once you have shipped the order. You can either click the "I've shipped the entire order" button, or the "I've shipped this item" button.


After clicking the button to confirm shipping, you will be required to either provide the tracking details for the purchase/order or confirm that you have shipped the purchase. If the second option is selected, we may reference the confirmation in the future if the buyer disputes the shipment.

To enter tracking details, first select one of the supported shipping providers or enter the name of an alternative shipping provider.

These details will be sent to the buyer, and they will be provided with a link which leads them directly to the tracking information page provided by the shipping merchant. 


Shipping requirements

The shipping requirements for your store will depend on the type of store account you currently have.

  • Gold stores must ship each product from New Zealand within 24 hours of receiving payment.

  • Silver stores must ship each product from New Zealand within 48 hours of receiving payment.

  • Bronze stores do not have a time requirement for shipping after receiving payment.

These are the requirements for shipping each product. However, we encourage shipping the item to the buyer as fast as possible, no matter what store type you have.


Who pays for return shipping?

If the buyer has changed their mind about an item they have purchased, you are not required to pay for the return shipping costs. However, this is still highly encouraged, as it displays an excellent level of customer service. If the item purchased by the buyer is damaged or does not match the listing description, the buyer will not have to cover the return shipping cost. Find out more about Refund/Replacement Policy.




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