Questions about shipping


Shipping for buyers

Q: My order hasn't arrived, what should I do?

If you expect your order should have arrived and it hasn't, your first step should be to contact the seller. You can contact the seller by clicking the Chat with seller button from any of the seller's listings. If you are not satisfied with the seller's response, then you may have the option of opening a dispute. If you purchased from the AllGoods Mall, you are covered by our Buyer Protection policy and should organise with the seller and our support staff.


Q: I don't live in New Zealand, can I still make a purchase?

Shipping outside of New Zealand is determined by the seller. You'll need to contact the seller directly to confirm whether or not they are willing. You can contact the seller by clicking the Chat with seller button from any of the seller's listings.



Shipping for sellers

Q: What shipping options are available in New Zealand?

There are many courier services in New Zealand, should you choose not to allow pick-up options or deliver the goods yourself. There is NZ Post, Post Haste, DHL Express, Courier Post, and Fastway. We advise you do some research on the couriers and pick one that you find suitable.


Q: How do I add shipping options?

When listing an item, shipping options are added during the fourth step, which is titled “Shipping”. If you wish to provide free shipping for this item, you have the option to select either “Free non-rural shipping” or “Free Shipping to all New Zealand”. If you wish to add an additional shipping method, click the “Add additional shipping options” button, then enter the cost for the shipping option, as well as the shipping method details (e.g. Overnight shipping within Auckland).

If you are listing a product you must have at least one custom shipping option if you do not want to list with free shipping.


Q: My shipment was lost/damaged during shipping. What do I do?

If the shipment was lost or damaged, you as the seller may need to make a claim with the courier or postal service used.


Q: How do I edit my shipping options?

You can edit the shipping options for a product from its listing page. When logged in as the store manager, you will be able to view all editable fields. You can remove or change your free shipping option as well as your custom shipping options.


Q: Can I ship with NZ standard post?

The shipping methods chosen for each listing is up to the seller. It is important to accurately describe the details for each shipping method in the details section when adding a custom shipping option.


Q: What should I list as my shipping costs?

Your shipping costs will be based on the weight and dimensions of the products that you are sending. You can check how much this would cost online with your courier, but for most average size items it should not cost more than $3-5. Remember that keeping your shipping costs low or free will attract more potential customers.


Q: Does the buyer or seller pay for shipping?

The buyer pays for shipping unless the seller opts to offer free shipping. The shipping cost should be stated clearly on the product listing.


Q: Can I offer combined shipping?

Yes, you can. In fact, we encourage you to do so. If you list items with the combined shipping option ticked our system will automatically handle this in the shopping cart. (Thus you don't need to list your own custom combined shipping option) If two or more of your items are in a customers cart they will automatically be able to pick the more expensive lowest shipping cost option along with a "Free - Combined" shipping option.


Q: As a business, can I offer "pick up" as an option for my customers?

Yes, you can list an item with "Buyer Can Pick Up".


Q: What is handling time?

Handling time is the time a seller has between receiving payment for an order from a buyer to the time they ship an item. To create a great buyer experience, we encourage our sellers to have a short handling time.


Q: Are weekends and public holidays included in handling time?

No, weekends and public holidays are not included in handling time. That means that if a product is purchased from a Gold Store, they will still have 24 hours to ship the order starting from 12:01am on Monday.


Q: How much handling time am I allowed?

A: The handling time clock begins when you receive cleared payment from your buyer and ends when your item receives an acceptance scan from your shipping carrier. Once you have shipped an item please mark it as shipped in the "Current Orders" tab of your Store Manager. The handling time you are allowed depends on the store type you have selected. Gold Stores have 24 hours, Silver Stores have 48 hours, and Bronze stores do not have a limited handling time.

Note: Payments are considered cleared as soon as they have shown up in your "Total cleared" section in your payments, not from when the money has reached your bank account. Once Stripe has cleared a payment it is already guaranteed to reach your bank account when you withdraw it after the 4 day rolling period.