Reviews & feedback, what's the difference?

AllGoods differentiates between new and secondhand listings, this means that a different response is given after buying an item. Both are important in keeping AllGoods a safe place to buy and sell while also helping other users make an informed purchase decision.


As a buyer, you don't need to worry too much about whether you need to place a review or leave feedback. You will be prompted after the sale is completed as to what you need to do. 


So what is the difference? Well...

  •  A review is placed on a specific product that you have bought. It is visible to other users who are looking at that product. Reviews usually contain a title, description of the product, a photo, star rating, and some tags which help describe the product. Reviews are designed to provide other fellow buyers a more informed purchase decision. A store selling a product does not need to give any feedback or review to the buyer of a product.
  • Feedback is placed on the seller and the buyer of an auction. Because auctions are generally one-off second-hand items, it doesn't make sense to have a review on the item itself. Therefore, the feedback is placed on the seller rather than the item being sold. Leaving feedback helps build trust among the AllGoods community.


When do I place a review?

Placing a review should be done after you have purchased a product from the AllGoods Mall. You can place the review anytime after you confirm the delivery for 30 days. You should place a review when you feel that you can give an honest and informed description of the item you bought.

You can find out more about how to place a review on this helpful page.


When do I place feedback?

After either buying or selling a secondhand listing, both the buyer and the seller should place feedback on each other. 

you can find out more about placing feedback on this helpful page.




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