Returns & Disputes


I’ve changed my mind about an item. Can I return it?

If you wish to return an item because you have changed your mind, you will need to check the store's policy regarding returns. AllGoods encourages sellers to allow for returns in these cases. However, stores vary in their policies and requirements regarding returns.


An item I bought is damaged/doesn’t fit the listing description. What can I do?

If the item you purchased is damaged or does not fit the listing description, the seller will be responsible for resolving this issue.

You should first contact the seller. All stores are required to pay for return shipping if their item:

  1. Is defective

  2. Doesn’t match description or photos

  3. Is different from the item purchased

  4. Is missing parts

  5. Arrives damaged

If this fails, you can open a dispute to officially begin the process of resolving the issue.


Who should pay for return shipping?

If the item is damaged or does not match the listing description, the seller should cover the return shipping cost. If you change your mind after purchasing an item you may be able to return the item depending on the seller's return policy. In such a case, you would need to pay for the return shipping costs, unless stated otherwise.

In the case of an auction, you may not be able to return the purchased item. Try contacting the seller of the auction first, and if this doesn’t work out, open a dispute.


Can I refund the buyer instead of offering buyers a return?

You will need to negotiate this with the buyer directly.


Can I dispute a return if I feel that the buyer is misusing the return policy?

Yes, you can dispute a return if you feel the buyer is being dishonest. To do this, you will need to open a dispute.


Can I offer a partial refund?

Yes, this function is available. When refunding an order, you will be able to choose how much you would like to be returned to the buyer.


How do I raise a dispute on AllGoods?

If you are unsatisfied after trying to contact the seller, you can raise a dispute by filling out a dispute form on your "My Allgoods" page. To find out more about disputes click here.