Requesting a refund

If you are unhappy with the purchase you have received, you can request a refund from the store.


Reasons for requesting a refund

When requesting a refund for a purchase, you are required to provide the honest reason for making the request. If the reason for requesting a refund is covered in our Return Shipping Policy, then the store may be required to offer you a refund. If you have requested a refund because you made a mistake or no longer want the item, it is up to the seller's discretion whether to refund your purchase. Most stores will provide their refund policy within their About The Store page.


How to request a refund

Requesting a refund can only be done once you have received your purchase. If you want to cancel a purchase, check out our help page on cancelling a purchase

The first step is to head to the "Order History" page in your My AllGoods.

Next, click on the "options" menu for the purchase and select request refund.

This will open the refund request modal. Select a reason for the refund request and write a message to the seller. Then click request refund.

The seller should respond to your refund request shortly. You will receive a notification on AllGoods once the seller has responded.




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