Requesting a purchase cancellation

If something goes wrong and you would like to cancel the purchase of a product, this may be possible. Find out more on this page.


How to open a cancellation request

Before requesting a cancellation, it is recommended that you first contact the seller and let them know the issue. You can contact a seller using the on site AllGoods chat system. To open a cancellation request, you will need to head over to My AllGoods > Purchases > Payment Confirmed > Options. You can only request a cancellation when the status of your purchase is Payment Confirmed, and cannot request a cancellation once the purchase has been shipped.

Once you have opened the Request Cancellation modal, you will need to select a reason for requesting the cancellation and write a message to the seller.

After filling in these details, click "Request Cancellation". This will submit your request and notify the store manager. You should recieve a response from the store manager shortly. 


Re-opening a cancellation request

When a buyer requests a purchase, it is up to the store manager's discretion whether to offer a refund. If you are not content with the response given by the seller, you do have the option of re-opening the cancellation request. Do this by clicking "View Details" below the cancellation status in the "Payment Confirmed" tab in your My AllGoods. 

Once you have opened the Purchase Cancellation modal, click the "Re-open cancellation request" button.





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