Seller Policies



1.1 AllGoods' Fees

It is free to create a user account with AllGoods. This account can be used to list and sell secondhand or classified listings in the AllGoods Secondhand section, bid on and buy secondhand or classified listings, as well as purchase products from the AllGoods Mall. A range of other features are also available to all standard AllGoods users. 

When purchasing an item, the buyer may be required to pay for shipping fees, if this is applicable. Purchases through the AllGoods Mall are processes through the AllGoods payment system which handles all fees. Fees are covered by the seller of the item and not by the buyer. Transactions in the AllGoods secondhand section are conducted between the buyer and seller outside of the AllGoods payment system.

The fees charged by AllGoods are as follows:

AllGoods Business Account Pricing

AllGoods business subscriptions are divided into the groups suited for different businesses. These subscription plans include:

  • Sales Channel

  • Basic Store

  • Advanced Store

  • Secondhand Store

Full details of pricing and fee structure can be found on our subscriptions page. All business account fees are inclusive of GST.


Payment Processing Fees

Business accounts are able to accept payments via credit or debit card by AllGoods Payments, which is powered by Stripe. The credit/debit card processing fee charged by Stripe is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Promotional Listing Fees

Users of AllGoods at times have the opportunity to promote their listings in various strategic places on our site. Prices may vary, depending on the type of promotion and the time.


1.2 Avoiding AllGoods Fees


It is strictly prohibited for users to avoid our fees. This includes:

  1. Abusing AllGoods chat system or other methods to encourage the buyer to purchase an item from your AllGoods account through another venue, with the intent of avoiding our success fees.

  2. Using your images or storefront posts to promote or direct users to other online selling venues.

  3. Closing a listing after a transaction has been initiated, and completing it outside of the AllGoods website.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate an account if we determine that a user is violating this policy.


2. Restricted and Prohibited Items Policy

You are solely responsible for ensuring that your products meet safety standards, and when applicable, that your product has the appropriate certifications. AllGoods monitor the site to check that users meet these guidelines.

This is a list of banned and restricted items, according to AllGoods terms. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may be updated. We reserve the right to remove other items which are not included in this list if we determine it to be inappropriate or if it does not comply with New Zealand rules and regulations.

The items in the restricted list may be sold, but with caution. We monitor accounts regularly and may require users to have permits to sell these particular items. For example, for a user selling safety equipment, we may ask the user for a certificate to show that the items comply with New Zealand’s safety standards.


Restricted Items

  • Adult items: Adults Items must be listed in the appropriate category. Accompanying photos must be of the product only, and explicit photos will not be allowed.

  • Air guns: Sellers should be aware that people under the age of 18 require a firearm license to own and purchase an airgun.

  • Alcohol: Sellers that want to sell alcohol are required to have a license according to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

  • Animals: Sellers are only allowed to list domestic pets on AllGoods.

  • Chainsaws: Sellers may only sell chainsaws with a chainbrake.

  • E-Cigarettes. Sales of any e-cigarettes must comply with NZ law.

  • Firearm sales must comply with the New Zealand Arms Act 1983. MSSA, pistols & firearms with large capacity magazines must be sold with the legally required permits. Sellers must sight the firearms license of the purchaser, or for remote sales sellers must receive written confirmation signed by Police confirming the buyer holds a valid firearms license. Forms are available at any police station or online. For more information on NZ firearms sales laws click here.

  • Medicines: Prescription medicines are not allowed to be listed. Sellers must be registered by Pharmacy Council under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003.

  • Plants: You must comply with regulations outlined by Ministry of Primary Industries

  • Safety equipment: The equipment must comply with all applicable product safety standards.


Prohibited items

You are not allowed to sell any items that are listed in the prohibited list below. In addition to this list, you are not allowed to sell anything that is deemed illegal by the New Zealand government.

  • Cigarettes or Tobacco

  • Digital Currency

  • Event tickets

  • Fireworks and other explosives

  • Human bodies or body parts

  • Laser Pointers

  • Lottery/raffle tickets

  • Menacing Dogs. Specifically the following Breeds: American Pit Bull Terriers, Brazilian Fila, Dogos Argentios, Japanese Tosa

  • Recreational drugs

  • Weapons prohibited by New Zealand Law. This includes but is not limited to: flick knives, butterfly knives, ninja stars, knuckle dusters.
    For more information click here

If you feel that there are items not on this list that should be added, please contact AllGoods Help service.

3. Photo Policy and Guidelines

Technical Aspects

These are the technical photo aspects we expect from sellers when listing their product.


3.1 Format and Dimensions

You may upload your photos in either JPG, PNG or GIF, but our preferred format is JPG file.

Higher resolution photos will look more professional to your customers. Your photos must be a minimum of 500 pixels on the longer side. We recommend a 2:3 landscape photo ratio of 1600 pixels X 2400 pixels. Your file size must not be bigger than 5MB.


3.2 Product Images

We require all product listings to have an accompanying picture. The main picture must be a photograph of the product itself, not a drawing or illustration.

To maintain a neat and professional interface, do not add any unnecessary additional objects in your main photograph. The product should fill approximately 85% of the frame. Images should be well lit. We recommended that your products be photographed professionally. If you do decide to protect your images with a watermark, you may do so provided you do not cover more than 5% of the frame. We recommend that you keep your watermark to 50% opacity.

You will have the option to add more images, where you may include a close-up shot, or additional details shots: e.g. nutritional content, instructions, or additional angles.


3.3 Secondhand listing images

If you are selling a second-hand item, you are not allowed to use a stock photo or a photo of the item's packaging for the main image. Make sure that the picture is an accurate representation of the condition of the item.

4. Promoting Listings Policy

AllGoods provides several avenues on our site for sellers to promote their listings or stores.

We do not guarantee that an ad or promoted listing will be clicked, and if a user clicks on an ad, we don’t guarantee that the listing will be sold.

We reserve the right to reject or remove any ad for any reason.


5. Shipping Policy

Business account users are required to ship products from within New Zealand unless agreed upon in writing. AllGoods reserves the right to suspend a business account if we find that they are in violation of this policy.

Business account users are responsible for shipping their sold products to buyers unless the buyer opts to pick up. When an item purchase is confirmed, the business account user must ship the purchases promptly, in accordance with the accounts status. The business account user must specify the shipping cost and ensure that the shipping cost stated is within reason.

We require business account users to provide proof of shipping in the event that an order does not arrive. This way, the business account user will be able to verify that the item was shipped and sent to the correct address provided by the buyer.


5.1 Shipping based on business account type

To maintain a gold or silver business account status, you must ship 97% of your products sold within 24 hours for gold business accounts, or 48 hours for silver business accounts.

If a business account user decides that it is unable or does not want to comply with this, the status can be downgraded in the setting page.

To verify that you have shipped within the time frame allowed, you will be required to enter the tracking number or otherwise confirm that the item has been shipped. This confirmation may be referenced in the future if the buyer disputes the shipment.


6. Shill Bidding Policy (Auctions)

Shill bidding is where sellers use fake membership, or someone else’s membership, to bid on an auction with the intention to not buy the goods but to raise the price or desirability of the auction.

We would like to caution members that shill bidding is illegal in New Zealand and will be taken seriously by AllGoods. We have ways to identify traits of members that carry out shill bidding, and we will involve law enforcement for investigation if we suspect this to have occurred. If a user is found to be violating this policy, AllGoods may carry out a range of actions, from suspending their account to referral to law enforcement, depending on the severity of the situation.

We remind our users that you may set a reserve, which is the minimum price that you are willing to sell the goods for.


7. Refund/Replacement Policy

All business account users on AllGoods are required to offer a full refund or replacement to a buyer if the item sold:

  • is not of acceptable quality (is defected, has missing parts, is damaged etc);

  • does not match the description or photos on the listing.

All business account users on AllGoods must follow the guidelines and guarantees set out in the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.

AllGoods has the right to initiate a refund on the business’s behalf should the business account user fail to respond to a customer’s issue within 5 working days.

AllGoods has the right to initiate a refund on the business account user’s behalf should the order be more than 3 working days overdue from the business account user’s agreed requirements and there has been no reasonable notice from the business account user.




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