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1. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is part of our Terms and Conditions. This Privacy Policy explains how AllGoods handles your personal information, which we collect, store and use. By reviewing this privacy policy or using the AllGoods’ website, you express your agreement and acceptance of this policy and consent to our collection, storage, transfer and other use of your information as is described in the policy.  This policy may be subject to change. If you continue to use AllGoods after updates are posted, you must agree to the revised policy. You will not be able to use our site’s services if you don’t agree to the policy.

Personal Information is defined in Privacy Act 1993 as "information about an identifiable individual".


1.1 Collection

What information do we collect?

When you use the site, we may collect your personal information that you provide us. This includes:

  1. Identifying information: e.g. Name, Email Address, Address, Phone number

  2. Demographic information: e.g. Gender, Age, Ethnicity

  3. IP address, standard web log information

  4. Payment information

  5. Listing content

  6. Cookies and similar tracking technologies

  7. Additional information required by law


1.2 Use

What do we use your personal information for?

1.2.1 For site functions

First and foremost, your personal information allows us to provide the AllGoods site’s services to you, and also to improve the site and products. When making a sale or purchase, information such as email address, shipping address, and billing and payment information will be shared with the other member involved. We expect that both parties will respect the privacy of the other member.

Collecting your personal information allows us to give you access to your purchase history, feedback ratings, and other functions. 


1.2.2 Allows Use to Contact You

The personal information we collect allows you to be connected with AllGoods' latest announcements, deals, and events. If you would like to opt out of our mailing list, you may do so from within your account settings. This also allows us to communicate with you about updated policies.


1.2.3 Target Advertisements and Marketing

AllGoods uses cookies to record the purchases that users make, as well as the pages which visitors browse when visiting the site. This allows us to make the site easier for you to browse, and also allows us to gather data to understand your interests and buying patterns. We may use this to help us deliver relevant advertising to you. Please note that this will not stop general advertisements from being presented, only customized advertisements based on your interest.

We do not recommend that you turn off cookies through your browser, as some cookies are necessary for the site to function properly.


1.2.4 Enforce our policies and resolve disputes

We use your personal information to verify and authenticate your identity. This allows us to enforce or apply our terms and conditions.

We may release Personal Information if we believe release is appropriate for legal compliance and law enforcement. This may include facilitating court proceeding, protecting the rights, property, or safety of AllGoods, our users, or others.

We will inform you before we use your personal information for any other reason than stated in this privacy policy.



1.3 Accessing personal information

Your right to access and manage your personal information

According to the Privacy Acts 1993, you have the right to access and correct your personal information.

AllGoods will retain your personal details only if necessary, to resolve disputes and ensure compliance with our Terms and Conditions, and for other possible reasons. However, we may delete your personal information if we decide it is no longer needed.


1.4 AllGoods chat system

Is AllGoods chat system monitored?

We provide an instant messaging system, in which you can communicate directly with us or other users and stores. The chat system may be monitored to enforce our terms and conditions. For example, monitoring the chat systems help us ensure that users do not misuse the chat system to avoid AllGoods’ fees.


1.5 Security

Is my personal information secure?

AllGoods takes the security of your personal information seriously. We have security tools in place to ensure that it is secure, and is not accessed by any unauthorised party. We don't store your credit card information on our site. We encrypt sensitive information, such as passwords. However, we are not responsible for any breaches and do not guarantee that your information will remain private. We are not responsible for privacy practices of other third-party websites.


1.6 Sharing information

Who may receive this information?

  1. If we are involved in a merger, we may share this information with another company.

  2. We may share information with a third party E.g. sending physical letters to you. We require the third party to take precautions, but we are not responsible for their negligence.

  3. Other members, to resolve a dispute after signing a dispute tribunal form.

  4. Legal authorities, if required in cases of suspected fraud or law enforcement purposes.



2. Intellectual Rights Policy

2.1 Intellectual Rights Guide

Intellectual Properties rights give the owner exclusive rights over their brand, innovation or idea. Intellectual Properties includes trademarks, patents and designs. At AllGoods, we strive to create a fair and trustworthy marketplace. Hence, we require our sellers to comply with intellectual property laws. This policy covers rules we expect sellers to adhere to in regards to intellectual rights policy, actions that we may take and a guide to report an infringement.

  • Do not sell any replica or counterfeit products on AllGoods.

  • Do not mislead potential buyers by listing your product with another brand's name. You may, however, add that your product is compatible with another brand. For example; Wasabi power batteries compatible with GoPro camera.

  • You must ensure that your listing’s text and picture are your own and not copies of another website, unless you have written permission.


2.2 Actions

AllGoods reserve the right to remove listings that we determine as violating this policy. We may suspend or terminate the account of members that are found to violate this policy at our discretion.


2.3 Reporting an infringement

If you believe another user has violated this policy, and you will like to report an alleged infringement, you may contact us.


2.4 Disclaimer

AllGoods will not be held responsible for any Intellectual Property Infringements by sellers on our site.



3. Feedback and Review Policy

3.1 AllGood feedback and review policy

After an auction is carried out, AllGoods will invite both parties to leave feedback on their experience with the other party. After a product purchase is complete, we will invite the buyer to leave a review on the product they bought.

AllGood’s feedback and review system allows members to comment on their trading experience with their transaction partner. We believe feedback is important because it may influence a user’s decision before they carry out a transaction with another particular member. Having a feedback system also helps to maintain a high standard of trading on the AllGoods website.

To ensure that this feature maintains its purpose, AllGoods requires you to comply with these policies:


  1. Ensure that your feedback is honest and factual.

  2. Make sure that your feedback is relevant to the transaction.



  1. Manipulate the feedback system to improve your score, hence enhancing your reputation. AllGoods rewards highly rated stores by awarding them a Gold Store status. We highly discourage users placing dishonest feedback with the intent of receiving positive feedback in exchange 

  2. Threaten another member with leaving negative feedback unreasonably to manipulate them.

  3. Swear or use crude language in your feedback.

  4. Leave offensive feedback or defamatory statements attacking another member, rather than commenting on the transaction.

  5. Disclose the other trader’s personal information in your feedback.

AllGoods has the right to edit or remove any feedback that does not follow this policy. We may also remove feedback if the user leaving feedback is no longer a member or has had their account suspended or removed, or if we decided that the feedback was inappropriate for any other reasons not stated in this policy.


3.2 Disagree with some feedback?

If you disagree with feedback about you, there are certain actions you can take.

Firstly, you can contact the other trader and try to resolve the issue with them.

If you think that their feedback does not comply with our policies, you may click on  “Flag this feedback”, which will allow an AllGoods team member to review it.

Finally, you may respond to their feedback or open a dispute.




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