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Invalid Bid Retraction Policy for Auction

Buyer Protection Policy

Returns Policy

Refund/Replacement Policy

Voucher Policy


1. Code of Conduct


  1. Be respectful. Respect other members' privacy.
  2. Be honest. Don't use a fake identity or account.
  3. Don’t send spam threats.
  4. Don’t make unreasonable demands.
  5. Don’t abuse the buyer protection policy.
  6. Do not engage in or promote illegal activity.
  7. Don’t make any offers to buy or sell outside of the AllGoods website.
  8. Don’t bid on your own item.
  9. You must pay for an item if you win an auction.
  10. Read the listing description carefully before bidding or buying.


Above all, practice common sense.Voucher Purchase Policy


2. Invalid bid retraction policy for auctions

We advise you to consider the following before placing a bid:

Once casting the highest bid, you have entered into a legally binding contract to complete the purchase. You are obligated to pay for the goods if you are the winning bidder. This system protects the bidding process from being manipulated.

We understand that honest mistakes can occur when bidding on an auction, so there are certain circumstances where we may allow you to retract your bid:

  • You accidentally enter the wrong amount.

e.g You meant to bid $50, but accidentally type in $500. If this occurs, you must bid again with the correct amount after your bid has been retracted.

  • The seller changes the item description after you place your bid.

If any of the above situations occur, you may contact the seller to request that your bid is removed.  If the seller refuses and you think they are being unreasonable you can then contact AllGoods Support for help. 

Circumstances NOT allowing you to retract a bid:

  • You changed your mind about wanting to buy an item.

  • You wanted to find out the maximum bid of the current high bidder.

  • You wanted to find out the reserve price.


3. Buyer Protection Policy

We strive to maintain a safe and worry-free environment for buyers. This policy explains how we protect buyers, how they are covered, and the best way to approach an issue if it arises.


All products listed by stores are covered under our Buyer Protection Policy, and you may make a claim if your situation falls under the following criteria:

Your item does not arrive.

  • Your item did not arrive within the time frame stated. We do require that you give allowance for reasonable delays.

Your item arrived, but it was not as described

  • The item that you received was a different model, type, dimension, colour etc to what you ordered.

  • The item that you received was in a different condition to what was stated, such as a used item instead of new, or significant damage/wear and tear not being stated in the listing. This includes damages that could have occurred during shipping.

  • The item(s) were only partially complete. For instance, there were parts missing.

Your item was not an original.

  • You have reason to believe that your item is a fake, despite a genuine product being advertised on the listing.

In the case that one of these situations occurs, we require that you proceed by first contacting the store and trying to resolve the issue independently. The next step may be to request a refund. If you have tried doing so, and you are unsatisfied with the response given, then you can proceed to open a dispute. Once a dispute has been opened, an AllGoods representative will step in to help. We will mediate between you and the seller to help reach a resolution.


4. Return Shipping Policy

All stores are required to pay for return shipping if their item:

  1. Is defective.

  2. Doesn’t match description or photos.

  3. Has missing parts.

If the item arrives damaged, the store should negotiate with the shipping company to reach a resolution.


5. Refund/Replacement Policy

All stores on AllGoods are required to offer a full refund or replacement to a buyer if the item sold:

  • is not of acceptable quality (is defected, has missing parts, is damaged etc);
  • does not match the description or photos on the listing.

All stores on AllGoods must follow the guidelines and guarantees set out in the New Zealand Consumer Guarantees Act.

6. Voucher Policy

Vouchers can only be used on products that are listed in the AllGoods Mall.

Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash. This includes the purchasing of one's own items or deliberately setting up a transaction with an associate in order to cash out. AllGoods reserves the right to block and/or reclaim any voucher that is deemed to have been used in a suspicious manner.

Vouchers will become invalid at midnight at the end of the voucher expiry date.


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