Paying for items

We make it simple and fast for you to make payments using AllGoods Payments.


How to pay for items

The payment method will depend on the listing type you are purchasing. Products sold by stores are paid for using AllGoods Payments. This makes payments quick and easy using your credit or debit card. If the listing is an auction, the payment methods are set by the seller. In these cases, the payment methods could include cash or bank transfer. Before you purchase an item, check the payment methods accepted by the seller on the listing page.

Difficulty paying for items

If you are encountering difficulties when trying to make a payment online, first check that the details (such as credit card or debit card) are all entered correctly. These will all have to be filled in correctly for your payment to succeed.

If you are having problems with your card, you may have to check with your bank provider.


Combining payments

You can combine multiple purchases into one payment by first adding each item to your shopping cart. Once all items have been added, simply head to your shopping cart, where you can make one payment for multiple items. 




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