Managing Shipping Templates.

Shipping templates are a great way to easily manage your shipping options. This system allows you to combine shipping settings across several products at once.


Create a new shipping template

Creating a new shipping template begins in your inventory manager. The first step is to select the products to which you will add a set group of shipping options (a shipping template). Then click Bulk edit and select Shipping from the menu.


Once you have opened the menu, you will be able to either choose from existing templates (which you created earlier) you create a new one. In this example, we will create a new template by clicking the Create/edit shipping templates button.



This will open a modal which displays all your existing shipping templates. You also have the option to create a new one by clicking Create new template.



You should now be able to create a new template. At the top of the modal, all of your existing shipping options will be displayed. The new shipping template which you are created can be comprised of existing shipping options (which you created in the past) or new options which you can add in now. DO NOT edit the existing shipping options unless you want to edit the option globally (editing an existing shipping option which will apply to previously saved shipping templates). If the shipping option for this new template does not yet exist, create a new option by clicking Add custom shipping option.



Add in as many additional shipping options required. Simply enter a price and description for each option then click Save.



The next step is to select the options which apply to the template you are creating. You can select from previously added shipping options or options which you have just created. Once you have selected the relevant options, add a name to your template so you can recognise it later. Then click Save.



This will take you back to the previous step where you can select the newly created shipping option and then click Save. This will apply this shipping template to your selected products and overwrite any existing shipping options that the selected products may have had.



Editing shipping templates

When editing shipping templates, remember to add and remove shipping options and that "editing" the shipping options themselves may cause the options in other templates to also change.


As always, remember you can chat with our staff live on site if you have any further questions :)




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