Q: How do I list a product?

To list a product, you must be the owner of the store. If you are just wanting to list a few items, you may want to list an auction instead and specify a 'Buy Now' price. Once you've opened an AllGoods store, you can begin listing products. 


Q: Can my store list both products and auctions?

Yes, stores can list both products and auctions. If you ticked the 'I sell used items' box when you registered your store, you will be able to do both. If you wish to list an item as an auction under your store tick the 'List this as an auction' checkbox during the listing process.

You can find more about listing products and auctions here


Q: What are SKU(Stock Keeping Unit)?

Stock Keeping Unit is an alphanumeric identification of products, which helps a store keep track of its inventory. For example, a stationery store might have a notebook with an SKU of N4563-B, which means: Notebook 4563, Blue.

The customer will not see the SKU. It is solely for the store's benefit, in order to help keep their products organized.


Q: What barcode should I put on my item?

Before you can use barcodes, you must assign your GS1 Identification keys. You can do so by obtaining a GS1 Company Prefix from a GS1 Member Organisation. You can find out more information at


Q. What can I do if a user has won my auction, but didn’t pay?

If your buyer hasn’t gotten back to you within a reasonable length of time, please contact us, as we may be able to help by contacting them on your behalf. We ask that you first check that your spam filters aren't blocking their emails.

If we are not able to contact them after a reasonable length of time, we will take further action with the user. You may leave feedback about the buyer and list your item again.


Q: How do I list an auction?

First, you have to have an AllGoods user account. It is free for you to sign up and list up to 15 auctions at any one time. You can click on the “List an item” button in the top right corner drop-down menu, or from your “My AllGoods” left side menu. If you are normal user your item will automatically be listed as an auction. If you are a store wanting to list an auction (and don't want to list a product) make sure to tick the box that says 'List this as an auction'. 


Q: How many auctions can I list?

You can list a maximum of 15 auctions at any one time. If you wish to list more than 15 auctions at one time, then you can open a secondhand store.


Q: How long will an auction run for?

An auction can run for a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 28 days.


Q: How do I add/edit item specifics (attributes)?

You can add your item specifics on the second step of the listing process. If the item specific you are looking for is unavailable, you can suggest it by clicking the “Suggest a new attribute” button. It is also possible to edit or add additional item specifics from the listing page itself, once the listing has been created.


Q: How do I add a variation?

This functionality is only available for store owners. This step is found on the second step of the listing process. A full step-by-step guide on adding variations is available here.


Q: Why should I list a variation?

The main reason is that listing your item as a variation will boost your product's search ranking. That's right, if you list your product with variations it will show up higher on the search page. There are a few other reasons to use variations too. Variations make it quicker to list your items, it looks nicer and gives a better user experience leading to a higher sell through rate, and it also prevents the website from getting cluttered with duplicate listings.


Q: How do I list multiple quantities of the same item?

This functionality is available for stores. When listing a product, you will be able to put in the stock amount you have. You can edit your stock amount later too in your Inventory Manager.


Q: The category I’m looking for doesn’t exist. What should I do?

We strive to make our category system as comprehensive as possible. If the category you are looking for does not exist, please use the “Suggest a new category” button on the first step of the listing process. An admin will review it and will most likely be happy to include it in our category system, as long as it fits our criteria and doesn’t already exist.


Q: How many photos can I add for a listing?

Auction listings can have up to 20 images.

For stores, this depends on the listed value of your product. For products with a listed price of under $100, you can add up to 5 photos. If your product is listed with a price over $100, you can add up to 20 photos.

Q: What are tags for?

When listing your item, you will have the option to add tags. Tags enable your item to be more searchable. For example, if you tag your listing with "Father’s Day" your listing will be more likely to appear to buyers searching for “Father’s Day gifts”.


Q: Can I change my listing’s price after creating it?

Yes you can. The price of a product can be changed from the inventory manager.

Auction prices can also be editted, but only before a bid has been made. 


Q: Is there a way to make bulk changes?

Yes, stores can make bulk changes to their listings from their inventory manager. This can be done by selecting the desired items with the checkboxes and then clicking the "Bulk edit" dropdown.


Q: Can I add a video to my product listing?

Yes, you can add a video to your product. This function is only available for store owners, and not for auctions.


Q: How can I edit stock?

You can do so through your inventory manager. If your product has variations, you will need to make chages to the stock by editing your variations.

Q: Can I change the order of my products on my storefront's Products page?

Your products are shown in the order they are listed, and cannot be changed. However, your Featured Items page and main Storefront page are customisable. You can find out more about customising your storefront here.