Questions about selling


Casual sellers

How much does it cost to sell through AllGoods?

As a casual seller, it's 100% free to sell on AllGoods from pencils to cars. You can list up to 100 items at any one time, to list more than this, you'll need to get approval from the AllGoods support team. 


I sell new things, how do I sell on the AllGoods Mall?

To sell on the AllGoods Mall, you'll need to upgrade to a business account. There are a bunch of features and benefits that come with a business account and we try to cater to every business through a range of different plans. You can check out the different plans here.


What can I do if a user has bought my item, but didn’t pay?

If your buyer hasn’t gotten back to you within a reasonable length of time, please contact us, as we may be able to help by contacting them on your behalf. We ask that you first check that your spam filters aren't blocking their emails.

If we are not able to contact them after a reasonable length of time, we may take further action with the user and you may need to leave feedback about the buyer and list your item again.


How do I list an auction?

When selling an item, you can choose to make it an auction by ticking the "Auction" box in the pricing section. 


How many things can I sell?

As a casual seller, you can list a maximum of 100 items at any one time. If you wish to list more than this, you'll need to get approval from the AllGoods support team.


Businesses or regular online sellers

Can my business account list both brand new and secondhand items?

Yes, but you'll need to get in touch with the AllGoods team to get your account approved for this. 


I have different variations of my product (e.g. sizes, colour etc) what do I do?

You can add varitiations to your product to alow the customer to choose which varient they would like to purchase. A full step-by-step guide on adding variations is available here.


How do I list multiple quantities of the same item?

You can add a stock amount when listing an item, or edit it later in your inventory manager.


The category I’m looking for doesn’t exist. What should I do?

We strive to make our category system as comprehensive as possible. If the category you are looking for does not exist, please use the “Suggest a new category” button on the first step of the listing process. An admin will review it and add it into our system if it meets our requirements.


How many photos can I add for a listing?

This depends on the listed value of your product. For products with a listed price of under $100, you can add up to 5 photos. If your product is listed with a price over $100, you can add up to 20 photos.

What are tags for?

Tags are keywords related to your product. They will boost your products search ranking for the tags which you include.  For example, if you tag your listing with "Father’s Day" your listing will be more likely to appear to buyers searching for “Father’s Day gifts”.


Is there a way to make bulk changes?

Yes, you can make bulk changes to your listings from the inventory manager. This can be done by selecting the desired items with the checkboxes and then clicking the "Bulk edit" dropdown.


Can I add a video to my product listing?

Yes, you can add a video to your product by linking a Youtube or Vimeo URL. 

Can I change the order of my products on my storefront's products page?

Your products are shown in the order they are listed, and cannot be changed. However, your Featured Items page and main Storefront page are customisable. You can find out more about customising your storefront here.