Integrating your store with Tradevine

If you use Tradevine to manage your inventory, this integration is for you. The AllGoods Tradevine App effortlessly syncs with your inventory.


How to integrate your Tradevine

We'll go through a step by step guide to setting up your Tradevine integration with AllGoods. It really is easy to get it set up and can be done in three simple steps. The process takes most people less than 20min to complete. 


Step one: Register a user account on AllGoods

Before you can sync your Tradevine store into the AllGoods marketplace, you need to set up a store, and to set up a store you'll need an AllGoods user account. It's super easy to register - all you need is your name, email address and password. To register, click the Register button at the top right corner and then fill out your details. 



Step two: Open your AllGoods store

The next part of the process is to set up your store. For this, you'll need just need to provide some basic details about your store, and a bank account so you can get paid.

Once you've opened your store, you can personalise it by adding a cover photo, adding policies & FAQs, making some store posts and even edit your store' s URL - but you can do this later if you're in a hurry to get your Tradevine store integrated. 


You can open a store from the top right drop-down menu.



If you want to check out more details for setting up your storefront, you can check out this help page here.


Step three: Add your Tradevine integration

Now that you've got a store set up on AllGoods, all that's left is linking in your Tradevine. For this, all you need to do is install the AllGoods-Tradevine app. Just head to your AllGoods Store Manager page and click on the Integrations tab. Click Add Tradevine.



You'll need to first make sure you are logged in to you Tradevine account on another tab. Then click next.



The next step will direct you to your Tradevien account where you will need to give AllGoods permission to access your Tradevine account. Simply click Allow.



Tradevine will provide you with a verification code, which you'll need to copy and paste into your AllGoods store.



Paste in your verification code. Then click Verify.



Now that your Tradevine is linked, you can sync your Tradevine inventory onto the AllGoods marketplace by clicking the Copy product from Tradevine button. Depending on how many products you are syncing, this could take up to a few hours, you can always check how many have been successfully synced and how many to go, by clicking the Check progress button.



A few things to remember...

  • Only stock and price will be kept in sync between your Tradevine and your AllGoods store.


  • Products are only ever copied from Tradevine to AllGoods, never the other way.


  • Only Tradevine products with rules will be synced.


  • Removing or hiding products on Tradevine will not remove or hide them on AllGoods.


  • Products added to your Tradevine at a later time can be added by clicking the "Copy to AllGoods" button again.


  • If you do not wish stock and price to sync across platforms, you can unlink your products from within the Inventory Manager of your AllGoods store.



And that's it! Simple as.

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