Integrating your Shopify store with AllGoods

AllGoods has partnered with Shopify to offer New Zealand Shopify stores access to the AllGoods marketplace. The AllGoods Shopify App effortlessly syncs with Shopify stores.


How to integrate your Shopify store

We'll go through a step by step guide to setting up your Shopify store with AllGoods, but if you prefer video format, you can view our tutorial video here:


It really is easy to integrate your Shopify store into AllGoods. It can be done in three simple steps and takes most people less than 20min to complete. 


Step one: Register a business account on AllGoods

We have a range of different plans to choose from suited to all types of Kiwi businesses. You can check out the plans available by heading to our business information page. Or click the Store Information link at the bottom of our website. You'll first need to choose your plan and then enter a few simple details about your business. 


Step two: Add your Shopify integration

Now that you've got your account set up on AllGoods, all that's left is linking your Shopify store. For this, all you need to do is install the AllGoods Shopify app. Just head to your AllGoods Store Manager page and click on the Integrations tab. Click Add Shopify.



You'll need to add your Shopify store's name using the correct format. Use lower case and separate each word with dashes. You can copy this format from the URL of your Shopify store.



The next step will direct you to your Shopify store where you will need to install the AllGoods app from your Shopify store. Simply click Install and you'll be re-directed back to your AllGoods store.



Now that your stores are linked, you can sync your Shopify store's product onto the AllGoods marketplace by clicking the Copy product from Shopify button. Depending on how many products you are syncing, this could take up to a few hours, you can always check how many have been successfully synced, how many to go,  by clicking the Check progress button.



A few things to remember...

  • Your products will be imported in a paused state. You'll need to activate them before they go live and can be purchased by buyers on AllGoods.


  • Your products will be placed in a uncategoriesed category, but you can move them to the correct category to increase visibility on the site. Find out how.


  • Stock levels, as well as prices, are synced between AllGoods and Shopify, if the stock amount or price changes on either store, both platforms will match the change.


  • If you do not wish stock and price to sync across platforms, you can unlink your products from within the Inventory Manager of your AllGoods store.



And that's it! Simple as.


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