Guidelines for Storefront Images

When a potential buyer first arrives at your storefront, what do they first see?
That's right, your logo and cover image. This is an opportunity to make a great impression, to showcase your brand and convey a message. Without furthur delay, lets look at how to make a great storefront image.

1. Dimensions

The specified guidelines for dimensions are shown below: 1655px X 400px for a cover photo and 300 X 300px for a logo. 

2. Make sure that your logos are in a square ratio

Did you upload your logo expecting it to look like the first picture, but it ended up looking like the second picture instead?

The reason for your logo acting this way is that your photo is not is a 1 X 1 ratio.
You will be able to covert your photo to a 1X1 ratio easily through a online photo editor. For this example, we used Canva which is a free to use software. (3 minutes)

Step 1:

Login to, and click "Create a Design". Select use custom dimensions on the right, and enter at least 300px by 300px. For this example, I used 800px.


Step 2:

Upload your logo and position it in the middle. Match your background to the color of your logo. In this case the background is white, so we kept it white to match.

Step 3 :

That's it! Your logo is ready to download, and uploaded to your AllGoods store!

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