Editing a listing's item specifics

Wanting to add some more detail to a listing that is already live? No problem, it's simple as to add these in.


How do I add item specifics to an existing listing? 

Step one: Head to the listing which you want to add details for. 



Step two: Click on the "Add an item specific" button.

Step three: Select from the item specifics available in the category your listing is under, and add the ones you want to show for your product.



Item specifics are linked directly with the filters for each individual category which can be quite specific. Adding as many item specifics as possible is a great way to increase your search ranking.


Remember, if there is a filter in a category, and you haven't added the item specifically for that filter, your listing will not show when a buyer uses that filter.

| For example, the t-shirt your selling may be the colour black, but unless you have selected "Black" under the colour item specific, or used "Black" as one of the listing's variations, your listing will not show when a buyer filters for the colour "Black". 


If an item specific doesn't exist in the category your listing under, but you think I should, you can suggest an item specific/attribute to the AllGoods team. You can find out more about this here.







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