Opening a dispute

If you are unable to resolve an issue directly with a seller or buyer, you can request intervention by AllGoods by opening a dispute.


Disputes for buyers

Purchases from the AllGoods Mall are covered by AllGoods’ buyer protection. This means we have your back and work hard to keep your buying experience on AllGoods worry-free. However, if an issue with a seller does arise, you have the option of opening a dispute.

If you are wanting to cancel a purchase before it is shipped, you can try requesting a purchase cancellation. If you have already received a purchase, but believe that you are entitled to a refund, try requesting a refund

Of course, before you request a cancellation or a refund, it is important to contact the seller first to keep them in the loop.

If requesting a cancellation or refund does not solve your issue and you believe the seller is being unreasonable, you can open a dispute. Opening a dispute will request AllGoods to step in and help sort out the situation.


Secondhand purchases do not have the same dispute resolution process as AllGoods Mall purchases. This is because the sale is conducted outside of the AllGoods payment systems and are therefore not covered by our buyer protection. We recommend communicating with sellers through our chat system so that you can easily provide us with evidence should an issue arise. If you have tried resolving the issue with the seller directly but have come to no resolution, contact our support staff to report the situation and find out your next steps. 


How to open a dispute as a buyer

As always, we encourage communicating with the seller first. Only take the issue to a dispute if you can’t sort it out on your own. 

To open a dispute, you'll have to head to your "My AllGoods" page. Under the "Order History" tab, find the purchase with which you wish to open a dispute and click "Open A Dispute".

This will open the Disputes modal. Fill out the details of the dispute in this modal. Please be detailed, so that the AllGoods representative reviewing your dispute can fully understand the situation.

Disputes for store managers

Sellers are covered by AllGoods seller protection. We want AllGoods to be a hassle-free platform for you to sell your goods. If you have an issue with a buyer, you have the option to open a dispute. This is appropriate in a few situations, including unreasonable demands for a cancellation or refund.

Store managers can open a dispute from the orders history page within their store manager. Find the purchase related to the dispute, and click "Open dispute".




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