Creating a store offer

Creating an offer for your store can be a great way to reward customers and increase sales. It's easy to do with AllGoods and there is a range of flexibility.


What is a store offer?

A store offer is a discount or free shipping offer which is given to a store's to customer provided that the customer meets the offer's criteria. The offer could either be a certain percentage discount (anywhere between 1% and 80% off) or free shipping. The criteria for an offer can be created using a total value, or a number of items threshold. 

Let's see a couple of examples of potential store offers which could be created.


| 20% discount on orders of at least %50.00 from this store.

| Free shipping on orders of at least 3 items from this store.


A store offer, once created, is displayed on your storefront as well as each product page. An offer can only be activated by a buyer when purchasing through the AllGoods shopping cart.


You can create more than one offer, but can only have one active at a time.



How do I create an offer from my store?

To create a store offer, you'll need to head to your store settings Store Manager > Store Settings > Offers. Then click on "Create/Edit Offers".


When creating an offer, you'll need to first choose whether you are offering a percentage discount or free shipping. Next, you'll need to choose when to make this offer valid - either by setting a threshold using a total value or a number of items in the buyers shopping cart.


You can activate/deactivate you offers by simply clicking on the "Set Active" button next to an offer you have previously created.


Your offer will be allgoods ;-)



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