Combined Shipping

A lot of the time you don't need to charge a buyer shipping costs more than once as you can combine their order together. AllGoods has an easy way to add combined shipping to your listings to save your customers money, and your time.


What is combined shipping?

Selecting this option means that when a buyer combines this item with other items sold by your store in the same order using the shopping cart, the buyer will only pay for shipping once. The buyer will be charged a shipping cost from the product with the most expensive shipping options in that order. 

For example: If a buyer were to add the three products displayed in the images below to their cart, the buyer would only pay for shipping once. The buyer can choose any of the shipping options from Product 2.  This is because the cheapest shipping option for Product 2 is more expensive than the cheapest shipping options of all other products in the order. Remember that only products from the AllGoods Mall can be added to a buyers shopping cart - secondhand listings cannot. 



Combined shipping also works if you have multiple stock of the same product. If a customer were to purchase more than one of Product 2 in the same order, they would only pay for shipping once.


Adding combined shipping in the listing process

During the listing process, adding combined shipping is as simple as ticking a checkbox. This is done during the "Shipping" section of listing an item (the fourth step). You'll need to add a custom shipping option, and you should see the "Add combined shipping to this listing" option.



Editing combined shipping for existing listing

If you have already listed an item and want to add combined shipping, you can do this through your Inventory Manager. Select the products to which you'd like to add free shipping, click the "Bulk edit" dropdown, and then click on "Shipping". This will open a pop-up modal where you can edit, add, or remove combined shipping.


Easy peasy. 


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