Changing a listing's category

Sometimes you may accidentally create a listing in the wrong category, or a better-suited category appears on the site and you want to move an existing listing, or maybe you've integrated your products into the AllGoods marketplace from an external platform which doesn't support categories. Whatever the reason, AllGoods allows you to move a listing to a different category using our advanced Inventory Management system.


How do I change the category of my listing?

To change the category for one or multiple listings, you'll need to head to your Inventory Manager. Select the items for which you'd like to change the category by ticking the check boxes to the left side of the listings. Next, you'll need to click "Bulk edit" and select "Move category".


Once you have opened this pop-up modal, you'll be able to search for the destination category or select it manually using the category dropdowns.


Note: If your listing has variations, they will only be copied to the destination category if you have used "Custom" variation attributes. If the variation attributes you have used were specific to the original category, the variation options will be deleted when moved to a new category. This also applies to the listing's item specifics.

Easy as pie.





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