Retracting a bid


In some situations, it is possible to retract a bid you have placed on an auction. These situations are:

  • If you have made an obvious mistake, such as accidentally bidding $100.00 instead of $10.00

  • If the seller has significantly changed the description or item specifics of the listing after you placed your bid

Any reasons outside of these are up to the discretion of the seller. To retract a bid, you must contact the seller, explain your reason for retraction, and ask if your bid can be retracted. The seller can then retract your bid for you if they think you have a satisfactory explaination. This must be done within reasonable notice of the auction closing time. If the seller refuses and you think they are being unreasonable you can then contact AllGoods Support for help. 

You can find out more about this in our Invalid Bid Retraction Policy.




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