Buying basics

How to bid or buy

Purchasing an item on AllGoods will vary slightly, depending on what type of listing you wish to buy.


Secondhand Marketplace:

Generally, secondhand items are bought by either placing a bid or using a buy now. If you are leading the bidding on an auction listing at the time it ends, you will win the auction and be obligated to pay the seller for the item at the price of your winning bid. You will be notified on the AllGoods website if you have been outbid by someone else. Some auctions will have a 'Buy Now' option. If you do not wish to bid on the auction, you can use this function to buy the item before the auction ends.

Only bid on items you intend to buy.


Mall Marketplace:

Products can only be sold by AllGoods store accounts. Product listings cannot be bid on, and can only be purchased at the price set by the store manager. This is done by simply clicking the 'Buy' button and following the steps displayed to purchase the item.

Automatic Bidding

AllGoods has a built-in, automatic bidding system. If you are using our auto-bid system, you won’t have to keep coming back once you have been outbid. Instead, your bid will automatically increase until your maximum bid has been reached.

Using auto-bid is simple. Just enter in the highest price you wish to bid for the item. Neither other users or the seller will be able to know what your maximum bid is. You won’t necessarily have to pay your maximum bid. If no -one else bids up to your maximum, then you will pay only just above what the other bidders have offered. If someone outbids your maximum bid, we will notify you, in case you wish to bid again.

If the seller has set a reserve price, your auto bid will automatically bid to match this.

Retracting a bid

In some situations, it may be possible for you to retract a bid you have placed on an auction. These situations are:

  • If you have made an obvious mistake, such as accidentally bidding $100.00 instead of $10.00.

  • If the seller has significantly changed the description or item specifics of the listing after you placed your bid.

Any reasons outside of these are up to the discretion of the seller. To retract a bid, you must contact AllGoods and ask if your bid can be retracted. This must be done within a reasonable notice of the auction closing time.

You can find out more about this in our Invalid Bid Retraction Policy.


Buying immediately

Auction listings will sometimes have a 'Buy Now' option. Using this option will bypass the bidding time of the auction.

Product listings are only ever immediately purchased by credit card. They have a fixed price set by the store and are purchased using the 'Buy' button.




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