Q: What is the difference between purchasing an auction and a product?

A: The differences between products and auctions are listed below. For more information on the difference between the two click here:


Generally, auctions are bought by placing a bid. If you are leading the bidding at the time the auction ends, you will win the auction and be obligated to pay the seller for the item at the price you last bid. We will let you know if you have been outbid by someone else. Some auctions will have a 'Buy Now' option. If you do not wish to bid on the auction, you can use this function to buy the item before the auction ends.


Products can only be sold by AllGoods store accounts, not regular user accounts, and have to be new or good as new items. Product listings cannot be bid on, and can only be purchased at the price set by the store manager. This is done by simply clicking the 'Buy Now' button and following the steps displayed to purchase the item.


Q: I made a mistake. Can I retract a bid?

A: In some situations, it is possible that you can retract a bid you have placed on an auction. These situations are:

  1. If you have made an obvious mistake, such as accidentally bidding $1000.00 instead of $10.00.

  2. If the seller has significantly changed the description or item specifics of the listing after you placed your bid.

Any reasons outside of these are up to the discretion of the seller. To retract a bid, you must contact the seller and ask if your bid can be retracted. This must be done within reasonable notice before the auction closing time. You can find out more about this in our Invalid Bid Retraction Policy.


Q: How does automatic bidding work?

A: AllGoods has a built-in, automatic bidding system. Using our auto-bid system, you won’t have to keep coming back once you have been outbid. Instead, your bid will automatically increase until your maximum bid has been reached.

Using auto-bid is simple. Just enter in the highest price you wish to bid for the item. Neither other users or the seller will be able to know what your maximum bid is. You won’t necessarily have to pay your maximum bid. If no one else bids up to your maximum, then you will pay what your final bid was upon closure of the auction. If someone outbids your maximum bid, we will notify you in case you wish to bid again. If the seller has set a reserve price, your auto-bid will automatically bid to match this.


Q: Can I buy an auction listing instantly?

A: Auction listings may sometimes have a 'Buy Now' option. If you use this button you can buy the item instantly for the Buy Now price without having to bid or wait for the auction to end.

Product listings are only ever purchased instantly. They have a fixed price set by the store and can be bought using the 'Buy Now' button.


Q: What is a review?

A: A review is an assessment that is placed on a product. First, you have the option of selecting tags to place with your review: Fast Shipping, High Quality, As Described, and Fair Price. You gan give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to some, all, or none of these as you wish.

You must then enter a title for your review and then the review itself. You also have the option of including an image with your review.

Finally, you can rate the product out of 5 stars. Reviews show up on the product listing page.


Q: How do I place a review?

A: To place a review go to the 'Awaiting Review' tab within 'Purchases' in My AllGoods. If you buy the same item more than once you will still only be able to place one review.


Q: What is feedback?

A: Feedback is what the buyer and seller of an auction use to assess each other. 

When placing feedback you can pick one of out 5 emojis to represent how you think the transaction went before filling in the textbox with your feedback. Feedback shows up on a user's profile.


Q: How do I place feedback?

A: If you are a buyer head to the 'Won' tab within 'Bidding' in My AllGoods. Click on the Place Feedback button.

If you are a seller head to the 'Sold' tab within 'Selling' in My AllGoods. Click on the Place Feedback button.

Both buyer and seller feedback must be placed within 30 days of the transaction.


Q: What is the difference between reviews and feedback?

A: In one sentence, products get reviews while both the buyer and seller of auctions get feedback.

Products receive reviews (and not the store) because there is usually more than one quantity of that item. Reviews can be seen on the product page itself. Stores do not place a review on the customer.

Both the seller and the buyer of an auction can place feedback on the transation. The feedback will show up on the respective party's profile.


Q: Can I change or remove feedback given to me?

A: In most cases, feedback cannot be removed, unless it violates our feedback policy. If you feel someone has placed an unfair or inaccurate feedback or review, you will need to contact us. If you are a buyer, make sure your feedback or review is honest, and contact the seller to resolve any issues before placing the feedback or review.


Q: I haven’t received an item, what can I do?

A: If the estimated delivery date has passed, you can contact the seller first and explain your situation. Be sure to check that the shipping address, as well as your contact details, are all correct. If you can’t arrive at a solution with your seller, you may open a dispute. You can do so from your "My AllGoods" tab.


Q: Can I cancel a purchase once it has been made?

A: Once you have purchased an item on AllGoods, you have entered into a contract with the seller and are required to pay for what you have bought. If you have made a mistake when bidding for an item, you may be able to retract your bid. Find out more about our Invalid Bid Retraction Policy here. If you have purchased a product, it is up to the seller's discretion as to whether to cancel your purchase. Please contact the seller directly. You can also request a cancellation by clicking on the 'Options' dropdown in the 'Payment Confirmed' tab of 'Purchases' within My AllGoods.


Q: What payment options are there?

A: There are multiple payment methods supported by AllGoods. You can pay by credit card and debit card(Visa, Mastercard and Americal Express) when buying a product. If the listing is an auction, the options are either cash or bank transfer. Before you purchase an item, check the payment methods accepted by the seller on the listing page.


Q: Why do I have a shopping cart?

A: This feature exists so that you can review the items you like and potentially purchase them together in one payment. Also, adding items to your cart may qualify you for a store offer such as "$20 off if buying 2 or more items" if the store is offering this. Only products can be added to your shopping cart. This feature is not available for auction listings.

To add an item to your shopping cart, simply click the “Add to Cart” button, which can be found in the top right corner of a product listing page. Your item should then be viewable in your shopping cart.


Q: What is AllGoods’ buyer protection guarantee?

A: AllGoods carries out a vetting process for every store that signs up with AllGoods and monitors the site carefully to prevent fraud.

If your item does not arrive or is not as described, the seller will be required to resolve that issue. You will be able to contact them directly. We recommend that you keep your receipts and hold on to your written conversations with the seller. If contact with the seller does not resolve the issues satisfactorily, you are also able to open a dispute, in which we will intervene and strive to arrive at a resolution.


Q: Can I combine shipping costs?

A: This depends on the seller, most stores will give the option of combining shipping costs. If an item is marked with "Combined shipping available" you will automatically have the option to pick a combined shipping option after you have added 2 or more of that store's items to your cart. You can chat directly with the seller to ask if you are unsure.

Q: Shipment was lost/damaged during shipping, what do I do?

A: If your shipment is lost or damaged, contact the seller directly first to sort it out. If the seller is unable to solve the issue, or you are unhappy with the outcome, contact us. We will intervene to make sure that you receive your product, or get a refund. You can find out more about Buyer Protection here.


Q: How long will it take for my item to arrive?

A: This can depend on the seller, the product, your shipping address and the shipping method you chose. The approximate arrival time can be found on the product listing page. If you are unsure or want to confirm, try asking the seller directly.

Q: How do I change my default shipping address?

A: To change your default shipping address head to My AllGoods. Click on 'Account Settings' on top-left of your screen and then 'Shipping Addresses'. You can add a new shipping address by clicking 'Add Shipping Address' and then change it to your default by clicking 'Set as Default'.


Q: What is the difference between a wishlist and a watchlist.

A: The wishlist is specifically for products that you might want to buy later.

The watchlist is for auctions you want to keep an eye on. When you bid on an auction, the item will appear in your watchlist automatically.


Q: How do I contact the seller?

A: You can contact the seller from their storefront, or on their product listing page. Look for the “Chat” button, which is located on the bottom-right on the cover photo on the storefront, and “Chat with store manager” which is below the store name on the product listing page.


Q: How do I buy more than one of the same item?

A: If you are purchasing a product from a store, you can buy more than one of them if the store has stock available. If you click "Buy now", you will have the option of changing the quantity. If you add the product to your shopping cart, you can increase the quantity once in your cart too.


Q: How can I buy safely?

A: You can always contact the seller directly beforehand, through the chat function, to ask any questions you have regarding the transaction. Always read their policies and double-check the details, such as price and shipping.