Managing your products

Managing a store with a lot of products means regularly updating product stock and other information. Find out more about managing your products on AllGoods.

Regular User Account Listing Criteria

Find out about the criteria for listing an auction

AllGoods Payments (for businesses)

Find out more about AllGoods Payments and how it works.

Suggesting Categories or Attributes

Find out how to suggest a new category.

Selling fees

Find out more about AllGoods' fees. In short, there aren't many.

Leaving feedback

Leaving feedback after winning or selling an auction is an important part of the AllGoods auction system.

Understanding Secondhand and Mall

AllGoods makes a unique distinction between product listings and auction listings. 

Tagging a listing

Find out more about tagging your listing.

Managing your listing

Find out more about how to manage your listings.

Improving your photos

A comprehensive guide for improving your photos, making them look professional.