Managing Shipping Templates

Shipping templates are a great way to easily manage your shipping options. This system allows you to combine shipping settings across several products at once.

Integrating your store with Tradevine

If you use Tradevine to manage your inventory, this integration is for you. The AllGoods Tradevine App effortlessly syncs with your inventory.

Integrating your Shopify store with AllGoods

AllGoods has partnered with Shopify to offer New Zealand Shopify stores access to the AllGoods marketpalce. The AllGoods Shopify App effortlessly syncs with Shopify stores.

Editing a listing's item specifics

Wanting to add some more detail to a listing that is already live? No problem, it's simple as to add these in.

Creating a store offer

Creating an offer for your store can be a great way to reward customers and increase sales. It's easy to do with AllGoods and there is a range of flexibility.

Changing a listing's category

Sometimes you may accidentally create a listing in the wrong category, or a better-suited category appears on the site and you want to move an existing listing. AllGoods allows you do do this through our advanced Inventory Management system.

Combined Shipping

A lot of the time you don't need to charge a buyer shipping costs more than once as you can combine their order together. AllGoods has an easy way to add combined shipping to your listings to save your customers money, and your time.

Listing a used item as a store

You can list used items as well as new items all under your one AllGoods store.

Importing listings with a CSV file

So you've set up your store, you've started customizing your storefront and now you want to start listing your products. Using the CSV file import feature can save you a lot of time.

Managing your orders

It's not difficult to manage an order on AllGoods, but there are a few things which are helpful to know.