Reviews & feedback, what's the difference?

AllGoods differentiates between products and auctions, this means that a different response is given after buying an item. Both are important in keeping AllGoods a safe place to buy and sell while also helping other users make an informed purchase decision.

Buying basics

Discover the basics of buying on AllGoods.

Requesting a refund

If you are unhappy with the purchase you have received, you can request a refund from the store.

Requesting a purchase cancellation

If something goes wrong and you would like to cancel the purchase of a product, this may be possible. Find out more on this page.

AllGoods Payments (for buyers)

Find out more about using AllGoods Payments as a buyer.

Leaving feedback

Leaving feedback after winning or selling an auction is an important part of the AllGoods auction system.

Retracting a bid

In some situations, it is possible to retract a bid you have placed on an auction.

Paying for items

We make it simple and fast for you to make payments using AllGoods Payments.

Items not received

In the unusual circumstance that you do not receive an item there are a number of steps you can take to resolve the issue.


Find out more about returning an item.